Your Child Is A Winner !!!

With the implementation of ideas in the Resource Guide title LESSONS FROM MY FATHER

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YOUR CHILD IS A WINNER welcomes parents, educators, coaches, and people genuinely concerned about the well-being of the child. 

Unfortunately the child is failed by school systems that allows too many of our children to slip through the cracks. Even with the hundreds of millions of dollars poured into some school systems in cities across America we are still seeing poor results.

MOST STUDENTS ARE FAILING!!! According to a 2011 NY Times article, "only 23 percent of students in New York City graduated ready for college or careers". Leaving 77% ill-prepared to graduate high school and to continue learning. When we analyze school report cards in many other cities the results are just as disappointing.

Lessons From My Father

To help parents and educators prepare children for life we are featuring a valuable Resource Guide with 100 Pivotal Life Lessons These lessons will give any child a better ability to confront the challenges of life and succeed. You can immediately start the dialogue to help your child power through the challenges of life.

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Produced by Improving and Moving with the goal of creating the real opportunity for every child to win.

 Lessons From My FatherAdd this book to your academic library and use it to change lives.